Classic Collection

Ma Taura & Aho

Pango Taura & Aho

Whero Taura & Aho

Check out our classical red, white and black combinations. Perfect for your Kapa!

Pango Collection

Pango Taura & Whero Aho

Pango Taura & Karaka Aho

Pango Taura & Kōwhai Aho

Pango Taura & Kākāriki Aho

Taura Pango & Kārikiōrangi Aho

Pango Taura & Kahurangi Aho

Pango Taura & Waiporoporo Aho

Pango Taura & Māwhero Aho

You can choose all black taura and aho if you want to, but why not some of these bright aho colours?

Mā Collection

Mā Taura & Aho Whero

Mā Taura & Aho Karaka

Mā Taura & Aho Kowhai

Mā Taura & Aho Kākāriki

Mā Taura & Aho Kahurangi

Mā Taura & Aho Waiporoporo

Mā Taura & Aho Mawhero

"Mā is white" and sometimes Mā is just right for your poi! Add some colourful aho.

Double coloured Poi







Waiporoporo me te Whero


Double up on colours!

Long Poi

Check out our classic long poi, perfect for your kapa

Pango Taura & Aho

Pango Taura & Whero Aho

Whero Taura & Aho

Ma Taura & Aho

Practise those long poi skills!

Tamariki Poi

New colours coming!

Peke Poi

Make your bag stand out from the crowd! ONLY $5